Dayturn 1.0.4 (43346)

RLV Dayturn 1.0.4 (43346)

Dayturn 1.0.4 is the 4th maintenance release following the 1.0.0 release of the viewer.

This version synchronize many code sections with the Linden SecondLife Viewer release code. In addition Dayturn 1.0.4 has the following changes:
  • Suppress sending crash reports to LL. They really don't want them.
  • MAINT-7626 Update logging and comments, sync remaining transfer changes
  • Add a couple guards in llmessage
  • Simplify a calculation in llxfermanager
  • MAINT-8611 Prevent object media updates if media preference is disabled
  • MAINT-8348 [LOVE ME RENDER] Edit Rotation Rings Occluded by Mesh Objects FIXED
  • Localization for new Window Size presets, + fix the number sequence of menu items.
  • Update the list of window size presets to have screen resolutions typically found on modern hardware and monitors.
  • MAINT-8586 XUI cleanup
  • MAINT-7626 fix merge conflict 1+2
  • MAINT-8628 FIXED Group notice edit field is missing inventory icon
  • MAINT-8622 FIXED "Share" checkbox becomes gray after sharing the object (no modify) for the group
  • MAINT-7626 Incorporate transfer changes into viewer
  • Added Chorazin Allen to the Kokua Credits tab in the About floater.
  • MAINT-8531 Remove viewer UI which supports buying items out of task inventory
  • MAINT-8610 Fixed GPU Benchmark appears to be broken - "Failed to allocate buffer during benchmark"
  • MAINT-8598 Fixed Incorrect context menu for sounds in task inventory
  • STORM-2122: UDP data bandwidth measuring is off by factor 8
  • MAINT-8535 Fixed Changing avatar sex while sitting breaks animations
  • Revert this to the LL default code - it causes problems with terrain rendering
    from > 1000m up in the sky
  • MAINT-8585 "Unknown token in inventory file" Log spam
  • MAINT-8540 Eliminated a lot of xui related log warnings on startup and opening preferences
  • MAINT-6828 Removed unnessesary spam in logs
  • MAINT-8574 Fixed Crash in LLVOVolume::markDead() + null checks in LLVOVolume::setLightTextureID()
  • MAINT-8388 [LOVE ME RENDER] Highlighting Changes Make Editing Mesh Objects Difficult
  • MAINT-8552 FIXED Secure map links do not parse in chat and SL icon is not displayed
  • FIX INTL-282 minor translation issue
  • VOICE-59: better fix for display human-friendly names for voice input and output devices
  • VOICE-59: display human-friendly names for voice input and output devices
  • MAINT-8498 Fixed item offers not appearing after friednship offer
  • MAINT-8458 FIXED Fields for new group notice dissapears immediately after appearing
  • MAINT-8532 FIXED Group invite text is overlapped when an empty string is present in the group description ending
  • Fix for MAINT-7886 Resizing internal web browser window causes video playback to stop
  • Replace start page for media browser with - Google page was offset at that window size and was irritating
  • DAYTW-3 Small adjustments for visual consistency
  • DAYTW-3 Remove from Preferences Setup the combo box for software update alternatives as it is irrelevant now the updater is removed.
  • Fix for some tests not building
  • FIX INTL-282 translations for Viewer Set50 (drtvwr-450 on repository viewer-lynx)
  • MAINT-8518 FIXED Notifications.xml inconsistency / Referring to residents as "Players"
  • Sync llpaneloutfitsinventory to LL-Release version and remove some old RLVa from the header file
  • MAINT-8355 - Alpha masked textures turn white on rigged mesh when viewed through the water surface.
  • MAINT-8469 FIXED text description of group 'Abilities'
  • Removing the SecondLife 512x512 size constraint for terrain files.
  • This was causing a crash on exit and isn't present in viewer-release so remove it
  • MAINT-8474: Xcode 9.3 insists that comparators use const operator().
  • MAINT-8477 FIXED "Zoom" in build tab rotates around the avatar, instead of zooming
  • Use the global for if we are in SecondLife or not rather than a call to LLGridManager.
  • This is a better way to make sure we get the directory fee on OpenSim
  • Changed a log entry from warning to debug in llsdserialize.cpp
  • MAINT-8431 FIXED HTTP URL in the object name is represented as a hyperlink in inventory offer
  • MAINT-8429 FIXED Screenshot opens on full screen of the viewer
There are no changes to RLV in this release.
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