Dayturn 1.0.6 (43527)

Dayturn 1.0.6 (43527)

Dayturn 1.0.6 is the 6th maintenance release following the 1.0.0 release of the viewer.

Dayturn 1.0.6 has the following changes:
  • MAINT-8721 Enabled benchmarking for Intel GPUs
  • SL-10043 FIXED Viewer crashes when double-clicking 'For sale' parcel icon on World map in some cases
  • SL-9782 Fixed The Stand button doesn't lay anymore on the lower bar
  • SL-10042 Fixed hang in inventory floater
  • SL-10018 FIXED Viewer crashes when clicking on a link of a folder in Inventory
  • SL-10001 Fixed position parameters trembling at the top of the page when moving
  • SL-10013 Crash in LLFolderViewModelItemInventory::filterChildItem(..)
  • SL-1386 Fix for onSelectionChange crash
  • SL-9991 FIXED Crash in LLViewerLODTexture:: processTextureStats()
  • SL-10006 Fixed crash in addScriptLine
  • SL-979 Don't allow DnD or paste folders to 'Lost and Found'
  • SL-1828 Indicate that "Allow Multiple Viewers" Preference is unsupported
  • SL-9955 FIXED crash-on-exit in LLVivoxVoiceClient::removeObserver
  • SL-9800 Fixed Ctrl+C handling
  • SL-2642 - Better error logging for missing binormals + remove unreachable code
  • Change menu item "Set to Linden Content" to "Set to Grid Content"
  • SL-9649 Buffer safety checks for llviewerobject.cpp
  • SL-9781 Colour picker floater preiodically reverts color without 'apply now'
  • SL-9800 Changed llTextBox to have selectable "message" text
  • SL-1043 Fixed Viewer inventory using unsupported method to relocate folders at startup
  • SL-6613 more fine-tuning of the logic around rigged alpha shadows to avoid issues when a diffuse texture with alpha is used with non-blended material diffuse alpha modes
  • SL-1835 Make attachmentAlphaMaskShadow frag shader ignore vert alpha which can be incorrect.
  • MAINT-9046 honor alpha mode none even when texture has alpha channel when checking state in avatar attachment shadow passes
  • MAINT-9024 MAINT-9025 fix shadow render of materials objects to use alpha and don't draw MATERIAL_ALPHA content twice in shadow pass
  • MAINT-3699 new shaders supporting alpha blend/mask rigged content
  • SL-1503 MAINT Objects do not rendering under water Fixed.
  • MAINT-9077 FIXED Jellydolled avatar attachments can emit light.
  • SL-1397 FIXED Check mark doesn't switch when clicking on the label "Mute when minimized" in Preferences
  • MAINT-9116 XUI Cleanup
  • Restore the ability for sockets to specify the interface to listen on
  • MAINT-6291 A bit more logging
  • MAINT-6291 Fixed Scripted teleports have a higher rate of failure than user-initiated teleports. Sim apparently sends finish and start messages simultaneously in case of scripted or experience teleports
  • MAINT-5651 LLTrace issues on exit
  • MAINT-8997 Add "Sort by recent arrival" to viewer People / Nearby map and list
  • MAINT-8985 Added missed initialization
  • MAINT-8985 FIXED User is able to send friendship request to a friend from the group menu
  • MAINT-8937 - Selection Outline Odd Behavior When Panning Around Fixed.
  • MAINT-8977 32bit viewer should have stricter image size cap
  • MAINT-8856 Fixed URL behavior in group call popups
  • MAINT-8959 Fixed some pointers not being reset
  • MAINT-8958 Handle initDecode crash
  • MAINT-8993 FIXED Crash in LLTeleportHistory::updateCurrentLocation(..)
  • MAINT-5651 Froce-quit crash
  • MAINT-8911 'None' Click actions are ignored for attachments
  • MAINT-8936 FIXED "Share" checkbox becomes gray in some inappropriate cases
  • MAINT-8176: Add canonical_repo field to viewer's autobuild.xml.
  • MAINT-8803 Better UI handling of unrecognized inventory items
  • MAINT-8923 Better allocation failure handling, createGLTexture crashes
  • FIRE-14261 / FIRE-19412: Proposed fix for invalid mesh crashes, based on a fix by Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)
  • Applied an update to aoengine where a test would always evaluate to false.
  • Fixed a couple of localization issues as committed in MAINT-8163 and MAINT-8919
  • MAINT-8844 Null check (just to be on the safe side)
  • MAINT-8844 Fix redundant check
  • Backed out changeset: 43f9351c7f6f
  • Backed out changeset: 1d9ad7f485e6
  • MAINT-7634: Logging and instrumentation changes to narrow down viewer crashes.

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