Dayturn 1.3.3 (44540)

RLV Dayturn 1.3.3 (44540)

Dayturn 1.3.3 is a maintenance release with a couple goodies thrown into the mix.

This version adds the ability to edit a notecard in the external editor set as default for .txt files on your system. It also adds spellcheck to more locations in the viewer such as the About Land floater. There is also better texture cache logging.

The changes to Dayturn 1.3.3 are:
  • MAINT-7548 MAINT-7560 use NvidiaOptimusEnablement globally exported var to signal desire to use high-performance graphics processor
  • MAINT-8836 - Objects with Alpha Masking > 0 settings do not rendering correctly on avatar FIXED
  • SL-10815 FIXED The weight of an object is displayed in the 'Land tool' floater
  • SL-10655 Fixed 'Sit on ground' occasionally failing
  • Add stats for tex cache read / decode / fetch latency for comparison of old cache code with TCO.
  • Replace cache hit info in tex fetch debug display.
  • Fix crash when no login URIs are found for a given grid
  • SL-9774 [Render] dragging active Second Life session to second monitor zooms in making viewer unusable
  • SL-10194 Selecting mesh face doesn't highlight the face in any way - Implemented
  • SL-10194 Selecting mesh face doesn't highlight the face in any way - Fixed according to Steeltoe notes.
  • SL-5570 - Align planar faces" does not work on normal or specular maps
  • Backed out MAINT-8335. The fix caused SL-10357
  • Remove LL_DARWIN / DARWIN from llwindows
  • Adding what remains from the macOS Retina display support code added in SL viewer 6.1.1, after the DARWIN specific code has been removed.
  • Add shader unloads for new deferred avatar/attachment alpha/mask shadow shaders.
  • SL-10879 Cover more description fields with spell checking
  • SL-10782 External edit button for Notecards
  • SL-10828 [Dev tools] Fix Fast Timers' visibility
There are no changes to RLV in this release.
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