Dayturn 1.5.3 (40511)

Dayturn 1.5.3 (40511)

Dayturn 1.5.3 is a maintenance release with focus on stability. The Help menu has also been updated with correct links, and the script syntax highlight function has been refined. In addition there are some updates from SecondLife viewer development.

The changes to Dayturn 1.5.3 are:
  • DAYTW-5 Update the Help login and main menus with urls pointing to
  • DAYTW-5 Disable Toolbox buttons for which we don't have (reliable) functionality in OpenSim
  • Updates to llvertexbuffer and pipeline
  • Build the viewer with an updated version of openjpeg with a fix provided by Nicky Dasmijn
  • DAYTW-25 Don't include tooltip elements Energy and Sleep for script function tooltip as it currently has no meaning to the user.
  • DAYTW-25 Squash a few typos in keywords_lsl_default.xml
  • Fix lolbug
  • SL-10545 Provide summary memory information in Top Scripts
  • SL-10550 Update attachment location strings
  • SL-10351 Cleanup
  • SL-10549 FIXED The 'Save' button remains disabled after changing the classified image
  • SL-1005 Changed media event is not firing when the URL is amended by a '#' since Alex-Ivy
  • SL-10328 FIXED Some parameters are not reset in the Upload Model menu when pressing button 'Clear settings & reset form'
  • SL-10349 Tooltips consistency
  • Follow up to SL-10349 Tooltips consistency, also set missing tooltips for floater_perms_default.xml
  • SL-10351 Fixed Avatars muted by Group moderator become Blocked forever
  • SL-10351 Cleanup
  • SL-10347 Fixed Users can't exchange text messages after moderator click on "Mute everyone"
  • Remove the UI for Audio Voice Morphs.
    Audio Voice Morphs is highly specific to the implementation in SecondLife both in-world and through purchasing add-ons to the Vivox voice client. There are no known users of it in OpenSim.

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