Dayturn 1.8.1 (202012230814)

RLV Dayturn 1.8.1 (202012230814)

Dayturn RLV 1.8.1 for Windows is a maintenance release with fixes and optimization, including an update to the FMODStudio audio driver and the certificates.

This release also has an update for how the unique ID for the viewer is generated, which should eliminate the reset of usernames and passwords experienced when some Windows updates are installed.

In addition there is an update to Marine Kelly RLV which corrects an issue where the avatar could be stripped off all non-locked attachments on login. There is also a fix that allows a sit-tping restricted avatar to drop a script into an attachment (full perm).

The details can as always be found in the commit log.

SHA checksum for this download is: b45b60897a558a9b7aa6bdc20d1e2b8fc55c6f5f
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