Dayturn 1.8.10 (202108271353)

Dayturn 1.8.10 (202108271353)

Dayturn 1.8.10 for Windows is a maintenance release that improves functionality of existing functions, carries over more optimization from the Mac viewer, further improves rendering and has a number of bug fixes.
  • Details about number of faces, textures, tris, vert and memory use has been ported from upstream Kokua to the Inspect Object floater. There is also a menu item on the Object pop-up menu to make it easer to get to this information
  • Detach object did not work in all menus. This has been fixed.
  • SL-5570 - Align planar faces" does not work on normal or specular maps - now working
  • SL-15711 Viewer hangs with agents with malformed inventory
  • SL-15696 Don't be so persistent with outdated driver notification
  • SL-11690 Parse URLs in Group description and Land description
  • SL-15380 Do not mute object agent is riding when agent and object are in different parcels
  • SL-7934 Driver version from wrong GPU
  • SL-14988 Overflow can keep flexi from updating

The details can as always be found in the commit log.

SHA checksum for this download is: 3200c67fa74fa9542e4fb8324481803387328248
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