Dayturn 1.8.3 (202103031849)

RLV Dayturn 1.8.3 (202103031849)

Dayturn RLV 1.8.3 for Windows is a maintenance release with mostly under the hood changes and bug fixes. Notable changes for this release are:

  • Import and Export Link Sets has received a brush up, as that function had not received any updates since the Kokua days. There is now support for version 2 OXP archives, including support for materials.
  • A bare-bones Pose stand has been added to the Avatar menu.
    Currently there is only the A-pose (same as edit outfit) available, as there is doubt both to the origin and general availability of poses for Opensim grids used by the pose stand in some viewers.
    The pose stand was back-ported from upstream Kokua, and most of the originating work was done by Cinder Roxley for Firestorm.
  • There is also an option to enable detailed logging on the Logging Tab when importing a mesh model.
  • Landmarks and Places menu items and floaters have received updates to eliminate duplicates and improve usability.
For Marine Kelley RLV there is the following change (largely untested, so let me know if it does not work or cause unintended issues):
  • Add notifications when the avatar sits on and unsits from an object or the ground (include the UUID of the object), including if the avatar unsits illegally when under @unsit (for example when calling llUnSit()).

The details can as always be found in the commit log.

SHA checksum for this download is: 4844f9bd246c05d44978f3827b7429b184fadd26
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