Dayturn 1.8.7 (202106031018)

RLV Dayturn 1.8.7 (202106031018)

Dayturn RLV 1.8.7 for Windows is a maintenance release with the following noteworthy additions:
  • FMOD Studio (sound drivers) updated to version 2.01.10
  • Multiple render updates that should make your (WindLight) world look even better
  • SL-8225 Do not sit or autopilot to 'zero' global coordinates. This also improves the accuracy of the autopilot
  • Improved details in the viewer stats floater
  • Updated SL voice, in addition to updates and additions to libraries used by the viewer
  • Allow creating Outfits folders directly under My Outfits
There are in addition bug fixes and additions that will be needed for future versions. There are no changes to RLV in this version.

The details can as always be found in the commit log.

SHA checksum for this download is: 9177c617703e75480f5b4a8d06f932660baeb515
Geir Nøklebye
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