Dayturn 1.8.9 (202107241006)

Dayturn 1.8.9 (202107241006)

On the heels of the previous release, Dayturn 1.8.9 for Windows is a release that is focused on updating the viewer with the switch from automatic to manual Voice Activity Detection (VAD) settings for Vivox voice connections as released in the Secondlife v viewer.

These settings have proved to significantly reduce dropouts on voice connections, but depending on your microphone could pick up more noise if it does not have modern noise cancellation features.

For a thorough overview of the new settings, please refer to the Release Notes for the viewer.

You can switch the viewer back to use the old automatic VAD settings by setting the VivoxVadAudio setting to 1 from the Advanced->Show Debug Settings menu item.

In addition this version of the viewer have received more optimizations from the macOS version, both for better performance and stability.

The details can as always be found in the commit log.

SHA checksum for this download is: d32e169ed77b5e2122bf3987f00b07194d1e63e0
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