Dayturn 1.9.0 (202109221346)

RLV Dayturn 1.9.0 (202109221346)

Dayturn RLV 1.9.0 for Windows is a release where the bulk of the optimizations in the Mac viewer has been applied to it. In addition there are improvements to rendering and mesh upload, refinement of existing functionality and bug fixes.
  • SL-14076 Preview should show more data about motions, will show extra details of animation duration, priority and other key parameters.
  • An update to avatar_lad.xml should provide better compatibility for BOM.
  • SL-16043 Fix DisableVerticalSync, default DisableVerticalSync to off, remove broken frame limiter code (use vsync if you want to limit framerate).
  • Positioning of objects on VAR regions now works as expected using the positioning spinners in the build floater
  • The login menu has been localized to Spanish. In addition the most used floaters have received updates to Spanish localization, as has notification messages (it is still incomplete, but that is for another release).
  • SL-16021 FIXED impostors are creating full detailed shadows
  • SL-15954 FIXED 'Hide avatars completely' doesn't hide attached animeshes
  • A number of updates to mesh uploads improves reliability and performance when uploading rigged meshes.
  • SL-4250 Do not allow editing worn items if items or avatar are not yet loaded
  • DRTVWR-521 Updated llca to codeticket build 563493
  • Fix an issue identified by Ubit Umarov for wrong use of getCenterGlobal in llfloaterscriptlimits.cpp
  • Sync floater_moveview to LL release version
There are no changes to RLV in this version.

The details can as always be found in the commit log.

SHA checksum for this download is: f29d05cf446b7fbc641c46ec0eb11063f522d450
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