Dayturn 1.9.2 (202110091441)

RLV Dayturn 1.9.2 (202110091441)

Dayturn RLV 1.9.2 for Windows is a maintenance release with mainly behind the scenes bug fixes and improvements. A few highlights are:
  • FMOD Studio audio drivers have been updated to version 2.02.03 including a potential fix for a crash some users experienced immediately upon launching the viewer.
  • Add LSL functions llChar, llHash, llOrd and OSSL functions osAvatarType, osLinkParticleSystem, osListSortInPlace and osParticleSystem to keywords for syntax highlighting (using these functions requires an update to OpenSim 0.9.2 yet to be released)
  • Improve the behavior of items temp attached to the avatar (this requires an update to OpenSim 0.9.2 yet to be released)
  • Improved search in inventory
  • Improved menus and general handling of avatar attachment/worn items.
  • Improved localization for all supported languages for avatar attachment menus
  • Improvements to the renderer to reduce frame stalls
  • Inching the renderer baby steps towards EEP support.
  • Adjust the windows installer to ensure US English is the fallback installer language
There are no changes to RLV in this version.

The details can as always be found in the commit log.

The viewer has been verified to install and run on the initial release of Windows 11.
SHA checksum for this download is: e5960b9bd717cdb3e6f1341969c0e69ec857604e
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