Dayturn 1.9.4 (202111241404)

Dayturn 1.9.4 (202111241404)

Dayturn 1.9.4 for Windows Thanksgiving Edition is a maintenance release mainly with focus on bug fixes and optimizations.

An optimization added to the previous version has been reverted as it had unintended consequences on OpenSim, causing your friends list to be empty in some cases.

To compensate for that, an update from the LL viewer has been added where you can now set an object to 100% transparent, but it will still retain glow. Meaning you can make glowing shapes, such as a ghost, for instance.

NOTE: This version requires Windows 10 or higher to run.

The details can as always be found in the commit log.

The viewer has been verified to install and run on the initial release of Windows 11.
SHA checksum for this download is: e40cc77ba84dc006ce02754952e663fd411d01c7
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