Dayturn 1.9.5 (202112171231)

RLV Dayturn 1.9.5 (202112171231)

Dayturn RLV 1.9.5 for Windows Jól edition is a maintenance release mainly with focus on bug fixes and optimizations.
  • This version has new Inventory Search options in addition to better marking of the search term in the search result.
  • There has been a cleanup of the supported graphics cards as older cards and hardware options has been dropped. On first open of this version, you might find that your graphics has been reset, needing to re-apply your options.
  • From upstream Kokua, improvements to the AO has been added, in addition to the options to display more information about regions on the world map. These options can be toggled from Preferences > Dayturn tab.
  • The voice icons in the IM floater will now only show in voice activated regions, and should correctly indicate if a voice connection is active or not.
NOTE: This version requires Windows 10 or higher to run.
There are no changes to RLV in this version.
The details can as always be found in the commit log.

The viewer has been verified to install and run on the initial release of Windows 11.
SHA checksum for this download is: ce943fc2b1288ac18b5be4b747ac0516dbc022e8

Jól or modern Jul originates from norse jólablót, which was the celebration of the Nordic mid-winter set to January 12. The pre-Christian jól is though to be a celebration of the return of the sun and the fertility of the earth.

One of the core traditions of jól, and also modern day jul, is the brewing and drinking of beer – drikke jul (drinking jól). In the Norwegian viking law, Gulatingsloven originating from the mid 800s, every farm was mandated by the king to brew beer for Jól, and a heavy fine would have to be paid for those who didn't.

Another tradition was to burn candles all night, have food out on the table, and let the beds be empty the night between the evening of jól and the jól morning in order to let the dead use them. People slept on the floor that night next to the beds.
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