Dayturn 2.6.9 (202012211644)

macOS Dayturn 2.6.9 (202012211644)

Dayturn 2.6.9 for macOS is a maintenance release where the most noticeable change is that the viewer now use the serial number for the Mac it is running on as the base for generating the unique ID avoiding the annoying behavior where you have to re-enter your usernames and passwords every time macOS is updated.

In addition this version has been updated to FMODStudio 2.01.07 which has initial support for Apple Silicon in addition to a slew other fixes.

In this version all the libraries used by the viewer are now signed, making it possible to run the viewer itself as a hardened binary, while the media plugin still runs as before.

This version includes a handful of smaller updates and optimizations. The details can as always be found in the commit log.

The viewer is signed with an Apple Developer ID, but not notarized.
It has also been tested on both Intel and Apple Silicon hardware. On Apple Silicon, it runs under Rosetta 2 translation.
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