Dayturn 2.8.16 (202208041457)

macOS Dayturn 2.8.16 (202208041457)

Dayturn 2.8.16 for macOS is a maintenance release that reverts changes that made it impossible to type characters with diacritical marks (such as é).

There is new functionality from the SecondLife 6.6.2 viewer to hide the world map side bar. In addition there are updates from the same viewer release for LOD / occtree that will improve cases of objects in-world erroneously becoming invisible or fluctuating back and forth between LOD versions.

The viewer is signed with an Apple Developer ID, but not notarized meaning you will in some cases have to explicitly open the viewer on first run by right clicking the viewer and selecting Open.
It has been tested on both Intel and Apple Silicon hardware on macOS 11.6.4 (Big Sur) and macOS 12.5 (Monterey). On Apple Silicon, it runs under Rosetta 2 translation.
Geir Nøklebye
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