Dayturn SL preview for 64-bit Windows Build 50874

Dayturn SL preview for 64-bit Windows Build 50874

This is a preview build of the Dayturn viewer for 64-bit Windows that works in SecondLife.

It has been verified to run both in 64-bit Windows 11 and Windows 10, but has received less testing than the macOS version due to limited hardware for testing. It is feature and code identical to the macOS version (except platform differences).

The details of all changes can be found in the git repository.

The build is provided as is.
SHA checksum for this download is: b751897ff6150f19dc7407a310a23f2f5782c34f

NOTE: If you have the Opensim version of Dayturn installed, you should not install this version, as it will reset your viewer graphics settings and not work in Opensim at all at this current time.
Geir Nøklebye
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