Dayturn 2.8.12 (202205262215)

Dayturn 2.8.12 (202205262215)

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Dayturn 2.8.12 (202205262215) - Dayturn 2.8.12 Viewer for macOS with Bakes on Mesh, Bento and animated mesh support

Dayturn 2.18.12 for macOS is an update with only one update: It adds the Meshoptimizer from the recent SecondLife 6.6.0 performance viewer to replace the very dated GLOD used to generate LODs.

Meshoptimizer generates better quality LODs, but also gives you different methods for generating LODs depending on your needs. Consulting the SL viewer documentation, forums and own experimentation is encouraged.

The details of all changes can as always be found in the...

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