Problems building new Windows version of the viewer

Geir Nøklebye

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I had a new version of the Windows version with the same updates as the forthcoming macOS 2.8.7 version in the pipeline, but the latest Windows 2022 01 update rendered me without any ability to properly test the build as the VMware graphics driver is no longer able to identify OpenGL 2.0 properly, hence the viewer refuse to start due to lack of OpenGL 2.0 support.

The viewer is built on a 12 core XEON Mac Pro in VMware Fusion running Windows 10, and the bulk of testing is also done in that environment.

Fusion 12.1 had an issue where the performance of OpenGL 2.x was 1/3 of version 12, and the issue persisted with the latest 12.1 update. After weeks of dialog with VMware tech support they provided a developer built where the issue was fixed, but they did not know when (or if) it would ever be released. I have used this developer build since early December to build the viewer. The latest Windows 10/11 update broke the OpenGL 2.0 support in that version.

Given the above I don't know when the issue can be resolved (if at all), as the future of VMware Fusion is uncertain now that Apple is moving away from Intel processors to Apple Silicon, and Microsoft has announced they will not provide any Apple Silicon versions of Windows. That makes the business case for VMware Fusion very slim as it can only be made to run some ARM Linux distributions on new Apple hardware. For VMware to create a virtual machine environment that can emulate Intel instructions on Apple Silicon is not feasible without active support from Apple.

It is also highly unlikely that I will purchase new Intel hardware with a decent GPU and similar number of cores only to build the Windows version of Dayturn, as that would set me back €2500+.

I might be able to bring a version during the weekend with a handful of the updates that was planned, after testing that it runs on a 10 year old machine with a weak mobile GPU and Windows 10 Pro installed.

I am sorry to report the above.

Geir Nøklebye

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It is actually worse than I thought because just rebuilding the previous version (1.9.5) without any code changes on the updated version of Windows wether in a virtual machine or Windows installed on real hardware produces a clobbered viewer that loads malformed meshes and has random problems retrieving textures.

Probably some system library changed sufficiently in that Windows update to cause libraries used by the viewer to fail.

I will investigate further, but probably a plan B needs to be put in action but it will potentially take a few months to produce a new version viewer.

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