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Good day everyone,
I have a raspberry with Opensim installed.
I was thinking of creating some objects in Opensim with scripts inside. By clicking on the objects in world like to execute SH or Pyton scripts on the server to set the Raspberry outputs port. or get inworld the logical level of some raspberry input port.
Is it possible to do such a thing ??
Thank you
No, that is not possible.
Also allowing it from an OpenSim script in-world would be a major security risk and griefing vector.
It is possible to use html from a script, but it is disabled by default because of the security risk.
Depending on your programming skills it might be possible for you to write a plugin that can do it, but don't expect it to be accepted into the OpenSim distribution.
I don't think it's less sure than a program made in PHP/HTML
I don't think a stranger can modify or copy an object without rights to copy/modify (these are the principles of SL). The LSL script can detect if it is the owner to click
Unfortunately only the creators of Opensim can know how to interface plugins.
It is a sin, the Raspberry is very useful for using inputs/outputs :)

Thank you
Why do you say "Unfortunately only the creators of Opensim can know how to interface plugins"?
OpenSim is fully open source and many people and grids makes special plugins for their use.
Yes, it is opensource, but understanding the functioning of a program built by other people is complicated (unfortunately it is out of my reach)

However, I think I have found a solution to my problem (in theory).
I build an LSL script with the URL functions.
Send Message on my Raspberry PHP page in Localhost and PHP use to start a SH or Python program.
Same method to read input of raspberry

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