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Runnable OpenSim for the PI update 18-Nov-2019 2019-11-18

Geir Nøklebye

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Runnable OpenSim for the PI update 18-Nov-2019 - Runnable OpenSim for the PI built on the xmir opensim code

Posting another iteration of the OpenSim that will run on a Raspberry PI based on the xmiropensim source.

This version is basically an under the hood update where libraries have been replaced with libraries compiled for .NET 4.6. There are also updates to mono addins.
In addition there are updates to terraforming, a bug fix for a case where you could be sent to a region with a name like the one you wanted to log in to, and...

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Just now visited the PI 4B/2Gb at HG address Dayturn and I am really impressed! :)
I would like to set one up exactly like that as a start and add things to it. What do you recommend in addition to a Pi 4? It would be on 24/7 and I think I need something more than just the Pi because of the database and the SD card life.
If you are going to run everything on the PI, including the database I would use a USB attached SSD to hold both the database files and opensim. I use the USB to SATA cable from the SanDisk SSD Notebook Upgrade Kit to connect, but there should be plenty of options out there to chose from.

If you run them like mine; for running simulators with a grid database on another machine, I have set them up with a quality USB stick mounted as another disk where all the opensim files live. This should minimize the wear on the SD cards as the opensim cache files and log files which are frequently written to are not on it.

There are USB sticks out there that are essentially SSD on a stick such as SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.1, which could also be used to hold the database.

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