SecondLife Out of Regions!

Geir Nøklebye

World Builder
Staff member
An unexpected effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is a rush to SecondLife for new regions, which have had the effect they are running out of server space and have announced Limited Availability of New SecondLife Regions.

The Lab says chances of getting new regions are till they are able to deploy new regions to the cloud are slim, and only if existing regions are returned by their owners, thus freeing up server capacity. In a Lab Gabs Stream in April, it was stated from representatives of the Lab they would not expect to be able to deploy cloud regions till 2021, so people are in for a long wait.

This is a good opportunity for OpenSim grids and hosters to step up to the plate and offer the region space many (wannabe) SecondLife desires.

While OpenSim still lacks the per-grid scalability that SecondLife has, it can easily scale horizontally with smaller grid or standalone instances connected via Hypergrid. OpenSim can be deployed to anything capable of running mono spanning from a Raspberry PI to maxed out Intel based servers, and even into the cloud with virtual machines.

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