Thank you!!!!!

Thank you for this OpenSim dedicated Viewer. /sigh of relief

As a beta tester of Fred Beckhusen's DreamGrid Opensimulater server, the possibility of no OpenSim Viewer was pretty disheartening after years of work. Alchemy and Singularity have long not supported macOS and now they crash my PC too. Firestorm was all I had left and their announcement was alarming, to say the least. Then yesterday thanks to a post on the DreamGrid MeWe site I found Dayturn. I would be happy to contribute to feedback and bug reports.

I am a macOS developer and Dayturn, as I am sure you know, works fine on the latest Catalina in my preliminary tests.

Perhaps there is a detailed 'still to do' list on this site somewhere where you layout the development that's coming, so this is more than likely covered but I'll mention I was unable to set for sale and successfully buy a parcel that I was able to with Firestorm either with a particular buyer named and zero cost or with Gloebits.

A feature request: Dropdown menu of all avatars in use all with remembered passwords per Grid used, just as FS has. Not a biggie but very time saving when testing multiple Grids as I am often doing with multiple avatars.
I am glad you found it useful.

When it comes to Catalina in my own testing it seems to work OK, but it lacks notarization as I don't have control of signing all the libraries that goes into it correct, and building everything alone becomes a major task.

The bigger concern for the Mac viewer, be it OpenSim or SecondLife, is the depreciation, and from macOS 10.16 complete removal of OpenGL support which leaves us without a renderer, not only making Dayturn, but all viewers dead from then on. Even if LL steps up to the plate and rewrite not only the renderer, but all the supporting code for Metal, a little over a year is a very short timeframe for such an undertaking.

There is also the fact that the current code - for any viewer, does not compile in Xcode 11, so that is another issue to be resolved. LL still compiles in Xcode 10 as they are not able to make it build in 10.3.1 as I use.

So Dayturn being a bit short on features compared to FS is largely down to the issue of prioritizing even making it compile and run with current tools.

I am aware of the not being able to buy land in OpenSim, but I have not had the time to prioritize it given the overall priority described above.

In general I am not particularly keen on taking any code from FS at all, but LL has released comparable functionality for handling user names and password. I just don't think it has been released in any of their viewers yet, and we are not supposed to release new features till they have them in the release viewer.

Please file bug reports and any issues you might come over in the Support section of the Forum.
I have a JIRA for myself, but the issues are mostly centered around a) making the viewer run on current macOS and b) remove SL specific code from the viewer we don't have any equivalent for in openSim such as PathFinding and the unified marketplace.

There is also a big task of replacing all the LL defined BOOL with standard bool as they clash completely with BOOL for Objective-C, making it impossible to use any of the modern Apple frameworks in the viewer. Currently I have done about 7500 of the 14000+ BOOL to be replaced.
MacOS is going to the same type (Perhaps more powerful) RISC chips used in the Ipad + later this year. This means Mac users will have *much* bigger fish to fry when they find themselves stuck with either none or gimped versions of their beloved Adobe apps among others. Apple themselves are making a pointed effort to make the walls of their walled garden quite a bit higher and were I developing for it ......... I would abandon the platform.....with fewer users than even Linux it just doesn't seem worth it.....

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