Things That Could Be Improved

Hi I am a Manager in Tranquility Grid in opensim. Love your viewer. Very sharp graphics fast loading especially having a bigger texture cache. What I find doesn't seem to work right is the inventory box it can move left to right to expand folder names but it doesn't move up and down to shrink box size. It's not the biggest deal but if there is a message behind it you gotta close it to see it. But if it can move up and down as well I can leave it there while seeing messages. Second thing is there is no avi name drop down for different grid avis or alt avis on same grid. So you would have to enter the information each time you need a different avi logged in. As a Manager if I am hypergridding I use Firestorm for that while I have an avi logged into Dayturn to leave her at welcome. A lot of times I need to have 2 avis on same time so being able to pick which one would make things sooo much easier :D
I have moved it to feature requests.

The last point you have noted is on the todo list. The first one I did not understand so you might want to post a screenshot or two with an accompanying explanation.
There is a finite size the inventory floater can be shrunk to. You should also be able to just minimize it with the _ that sits between ? and X in the upper right corner.

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