Using Dayturn Viewer on Kitely

Geir Nøklebye

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For a long time Dayturn was not usable on Kitely as meshes would not load. After updates of both Kitely and the viewer, both meshes and textures will successfully load in most scenes.

Because Dayturn does a check of the quality of a mesh before it is loaded into a scene, you might experience some scenes have mesh items missing. This is particularly the case for the Kitely Welcome Center, but once you move to other regions the majority should load and be visible.

To make sure you successfully can use Dayturn on Kitely, please make sure to deselect "Fetch Textures with HTTP" in the Setup tab of Preferences.
I can also be turned off from the Develop menu which can be show or hidden from the Advanced tab of Preferences.

Deselect Fetch Textures with HTTP before logging on to Kitely.
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