Feedback required Viewer will not run for me on Windows 10

It refuses to turn off DEP for DayturnViewer.exe and all others in that directory. I am trying out all the other methods suggested by the link that you sent: SFC and so on. Thanks, I'll keep trying :)
If it refuses to turn off DEP it might be your virus checker or Microsoft defender that is overly sensitive because the viewer is unsigned.
I remember one of the members of the opensim dev meeting saying he had to jump through multiple hoops for the viewer to be allowed to run by his virus checking sw.

But the disk corruption issue is worthwhile to look into too, because the disk often seems OK for a long time even when it isn't.
I have now done chkdisk C: /f /r and sfc /scannow to no avail. Turning off DEP doesn't work, giving "This program must run with data execution protection (DEP) enabled. You cannot turn off DEP for this program." I tried it running sysdm.cpl as administrator, which made no difference. I've run memtest86+, checked the disk's driver, used the hardware troubleshooter and checked the registry (but the changes were already in place). Not sure what the next move is! :) I wonder if it is the graphics card or the system memory that it is trying to access in a way that Windows 10 doesn't like?

Oh, just noticed: "Your computer's processor supports hardware-based DEP." I wonder if looking in the BIOS might help...
... and I'm sad to say that explicitly running the installer as administrator rather than letting it ask for permission hasn't changed the outcome either.
I am glad your disk is OK.
As I said earlier in the thread sound and graphics drivers are most likely the issue. More so sound than graphics.

Another user experienced the exact same issue after SLVoice was updated, and that is a black box supplied by Linden Lab, so we really don't know what changed in it and have no option to fix it unless they issue an update.
Thanks. I've learned quite a lot about Windows. Making exceptions in Avast and Windows Defender, setting Developer Mode and finding a further way to turn off DEP per program all don't work, so it looks like the only remaining culprits must be as you say. I don't get it with other 3rd party viewers. Thank you so much for taking the time to try to diagnose this. At least perhaps I've helped eliminate some possibilities. Sorry if it's taken up rather too much of your time - very much obliged :)
Thanks for taking the time to test!

All these viewers are built different and with different focus. My viewer started out as a macOS version only, and it was only after a number of request I grudgingly accepted the challenge to build a Windows version as there was a very large difference in the code base between KokuaOS and the macOS version at the time.

There is still quite a bit of a difference, as can be seen by the version numbers. Functionality wise they are more or less the same, but the code lags on the Windows version – which is why there still only is the 32-bit version.

I only also have a very limited test environment for the Windows version, as it is basically built and tested in VMware virtual machines. For the macOS version I have a range of hardware to test on up to the latest M1 ARM chip.

I don't know how I will handle the Windows 11 release Microsoft lets lose on the market Oct 5 as I don't own any hardware that can run it.

The macOS version is even more of a challenge given that Apple have deprecated OpenGL and most likely will remove support for it completely next year. Leaving Metal as the only option. That again requires a complete rewrite of the viewer more or less ground up. I am not sure anyone can handle it, not even LL given how they struggle with the current macOS version.

Thanks again!
There is a 1.9.1 update posted on Resources that updates memory allocation to the renderer that might make a change for you.

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