Windows 7 EOL Support for Dayturn

Geir Nøklebye

World Builder
Staff member
On January 14, 2020 Microsoft discontinues support for Windows 7. This means there will no longer be updates, including security patches. Therefore, running Windows 7 will become increasingly insecure as new vulnerabilities are discovered and not patched.

Effective from the same date we will end Windows 7 support for the Dayturn viewer.

This does not mean that the viewer will stop working on Windows 7, but we will no longer maintain a development environment based on Windows 7, and there will be no formal compatibility testing of releases on Windows 7.

We also will make no attempt to fix issues that arise when releases of the Dayturn viewer made after January 14 are running on Windows 7, unless these issues also can be reproduced on a version of Windows still supported by Microsoft.

For the best viewer experience, make sure you run it only on supported versions of Windows, and keep your system updated with the latest patches, security updates and system releases.

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